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Home / Videos / RIVELATO: Bakkt Launch STATISTICHE ATTUALI + NUOVA RICERCA Mostra il cambiamento del mercato delle criptovalute

RIVELATO: Bakkt Launch STATISTICHE ATTUALI + NUOVA RICERCA Mostra il cambiamento del mercato delle criptovalute

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Bakkt ™ Bitcoin (USD) Contratto futures mensile

Bakkt ™ Bitcoin (USD) Contratto di futures giornaliero

Kraken e Coinbase tra gli scambi di criptovalute più puliti: rapporto ITV


Bitcoin Venezuela ⚡️

Crypto sta "diventando più grande" afferma il commissario CFTC

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  2. now there is a lot of new cryptocurrency, I am now watching krypton

  3. THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing that information and introducing me to @btcven on twitter. That is a beautiful thing to share. I will do the same and I hope to help as well

  4. The low volume for Bitcoin Bakkt for the first day was extremely disappointing. So low that it's a little concerning.

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  6. Huge news…betting on the volatility of this up and down market…but BTC is or has become a store of value…so it's going to effect that value one way or another….and a possible back door toward manipulation…do traders care about long term value and stability…thats what a true currency needs…is BTC a commodity currency or property?

  7. What is the definition of wash trading?

  8. Indications shows bitcoin is close to hitting its high of this year again and this could mean a good thing for us traders and hodlers alike. The possibility is quite high that, we would gradually or rapidly ride the bulls up. Great for us all if that happens and we must all be prepared for whatever outcome presents itself by finding a way to increase our portfolio in advent of the much expected bull run. Two ways to do this is by using a strategy called dollar costing to buy and accumulate which has its merits and demerits or by buying a fair amount and rapidly increasing by trading which of course has its merits as well. A word of caution, trading is highly profiting and can return as much as 400% as profit depending on your trade frequency but do this only if you are extremely good at both technical analysis and chart/news reading or, enlist the assistance of a professional who offers services in signals and strategies. There are a number of them but i am most comfortable with RODNEY HOWARD reason is, his system is easy to adopt and his signals are extremely accurate. I have used his guidance several times and i have no regrets. Rodney is available to reach by mail Rodneyhoward07@gmailcom or via Whatsapp: +19083642121. You want a successful trader as a guide because you can easily copy his successes.

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  10. I have 0.56 bitcoin you guys think I should cash out and be safe or hold out as long as I can?

    Cheers and appreciate the advice and opinions

  11. Can you explain in one of your videos what/how wash/trading is?

  12. $200 worth of BTC feeds how many for how long? I will gladly donate BTC to this

  13. Unfortunately, those volume numbers are very low!

  14. these exchanges (kraken, coinbase, poloniex) gives data of users to the government so get prepared for your taxes next years

  15. Everything went to shit. Thanks bakkt

  16. Only the halving can move this market

  17. Seems like a dud right now bitcoin dumping like crazy.

  18. Amazing when BTC takes a big crap all the pumpers disappear until it starts going up then their all over predicting BTC $100,000

  19. The cryptocurrency system is being manipulated they been saying all year it's about to take off and hit a all time high when we're still stuck where we been for the longest so I'll continue to wait until it hit a all time high

  20. Thanks BAKKT for further taming BTC, my disappointness is immesurable and my day is ruined. First AREA 51 raid fail, now this! How can it be worse? Even Santa is unreal?

  21. i buy antminer s17 there. Recived at 10 days. Best shop!

  22. Altcoin Daily Great Video Today.

  23. Bitcoin is right now at 97xx usd. Bakkt has no impact on the price. Big downside trend. 8k incoming

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