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PERDITA: nessuno sviluppatore che lavora su Litecoin? Charlie Lee mentendo sugli aggiornamenti? Doom imminente LTC?

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  1. Makes XRP look much more legit.

  2. Charlie is crazy and should not be trusted!

  3. I enjoy using ltc. I don’t see a problem here. Not sure what the big news is

  4. If the product, in this case LTC, works and does not require any further developments to function as a crypto currency then I would side with Charlie in that all you need is adoption, because that is the root requirement for any currency, crypto or otherwise. You could have the best currency in the world, but if no one uses it, it will fade away. Taken to the extreme, if people really want to own a dry cow turd, then you don't need to make the cow turd look or smell better, all you need is to supply it if the demand is already there.

  5. Wow dude dacincij15 watches your videos!! How cool is that?!

  6. Remember all the development that is achieved thru bitcoin is directly benefiting LTC , Charlie Lee addressed this in his tweet refuting Chico crypto’s video comments! Stop jumping on this band wagon that isn’t going anywhere!

  7. What I I find halarious is that Bitcoin core needs litecoin but Bsv doesn't need any other cryptos nor does it need the lightning network. Also why does Bitcoin need litecoin when Bitcoin cash could be utilized

  8. Who need confidential transaction on useless Litecoin when Zcash and Monero are championing it?

  9. Code repository commits are separated by projects and has nothing to do with each others repository!
    Charlie Lee is talking ***it again!
    They have branched off from Bitcoin!
    This is Litecoin "git" repository:
    This is Bitcoin "git" repository:

    On the other hand they "can" steal ideas from Bitcoin repository, (as he has originally cloned it to created his own branch) as it is "open source".
    p.s. I would've argued it with him on his tweeter but he has blocked me as he blocks anyone whom he cant challenge.
    He only keeps manipulated discussions with people who are in "finance media" and "not" IT technician and specialist just to gain false publicity.
    He chooses the audience to interview making sure it wont have negative publicity.

    I believe, right now he is working on pumping the LTC for one more time so he can change it all to BTC as we are at the beginning of the 4 year cycle BTC bull run due to hash rate halving.

    pps. I went to reply to Michale Flaxmann tweet and it was prompting "This tweet not available", as he was calling him : "printing money for living" "Counter-fitter":
    Does Charlie Lee so much influence to shut Tweeter up?!
    This is a trend Bill Gates started by acting all retarded and autistic while pocketing everyones money!
    There is even a Robert De Niro movie. The guy acts retard and everybody is pitying him, while he plans a rubbery.

    pps: My twitter account has been locked out unless I take off my tweet about my reply to Charlie Lee, as a reply to someone else's tweet 🤨

  10. Charlie Lee is a charlatan no better than Bill Gates, Jamie Dimon.
    Litecoin is useless decoy.

  11. I normally like your way of thinking but on this subject u are twisting like a Drama queen would

  12. I definitely agree that they should've hashed this out in private but like most participants in the crypto space, they know nothing about privacy. I listened to another interview of Charlie's ⬇ ff to the 26 min and he'll tell you the one thing he regrets is making himself public. Not everyone can run a company, foundation, lead a crypto project it's a lot of hard work dedication and difficult choices to make. You'll never satisfy everyone. I agree that Charlie cashing out his LTC made the project look lifeless, but I get the reason why he did it. Ppl were blaming him for pumping the price when he'd make a comment about LTC. On the other hand he's spending the money on partnerships to get the brand and build awareness for mass adoption. None of the others are putting their own 💰 up, so in that case they should have nothing to say about how Charlie's money is being spent. Donations are different story, I believe the heads of the foundation should have say so/voting rights over monies that are under the foundations control. To the point of no devs being available, this is crap as long as you're paying there are ppl willing to code but if they are expecting ppl to contribute to the project for free I'd find something else to work on too. Especially how Charlie sold his coins, I definitely wouldn't give me free contributions to this project. Ppl have to pay bills and families to provide for. Satoshi created Bitcoin for decentralized sound money, transparency and privacy. Anything that has a not stuck to these code values I believe should and will be tested. None of this would've happened if privacy was was maintained. For the complainers… There are over 2k crypto projects, go join one and make a difference instead of complaining about what someone didn't do or should be doing. In every area of commerce choices have to be made do deal with his choice. If you don't like it join or go start your own coin, and you'll soon find yourself in his same situation. I believe mass adoption is key, there's lot of coins out there that have devs working on them with no users. Lol I guess that's a better 🃏 ✋ to have huh?

  13. Absolutely agree with Charlie here. Adoption is the revolutionary event or collection of events that we need to see crypto take off. I'm a developer as well, but if Litecoin can lead in adoption, none of us will second guess.

  14. Charlie Lee should care more, but it is true that LTC work as a currency, but without development, it will eventually be surpassed by others. Speaking of development and missing updates, as an EVO investor, I'm very curious about news on the Pizza Heroes project. Will you be making a video soon? Not just a game trailer, I'm thinking "behind the scenes" with work on the game mechanics, graphics and maybe a little teaser about game content. Thx in advance 🙏

  15. Thanks for the shoot out. Keep the great videos coming!

  16. you could find strange info/content and create a negative story for every crypto project.

  17. I don’t own any ltc, but this is complete fud. Lite coin will be fine get over it, it’s been through worse, so have many other alts.

  18. What adoption guys? Oh you mean the meticulous transactions that go through every time .0001% of NFL fans want to buy a beer? Ha, why not just invest in bitcoin, you'll retire faster and get of of this fucking hamster cage rat race. But yeah litcoin is great woohoo yeah.

  19. Why always the need for update if it works let it be

  20. I think Charlie Lee is in the right track! Adoption is way more important at the moment

  21. This guy pumps TRX but tries to FUD Litecoin. What a joke of a channel. Anything to get views, how desperate. What has the multitudes of TRX projects/developers done up to this point? Oh, BTT is now $0 lol.

  22. I love this channel would love tips! If anyone reads these messages 😊

  23. My bitcoin plan is to just buy $50 here and there when I see its low and I have spare money maybe one day in like 2025 it can be worth something like a small house 🏡 I’m holding like 1500 worth now and I bought it all for like 900. totally fooled me and I bought bitcoin cash not understanding the difference. I spent like 1000 over time on bitcash and it’s worth like 700 now.

  24. If Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash have survived til this point in time, I think Litecoin can survive this kind of FUD. I don't own any Litecoin yet, but I do intend to load up ones it drops further. Thanks for spreading the FUD, and it's a few days after halving too. We need a news headline why it's crashing after its halving after all.

  25. This is my favorite crypto channel I appreciate that it covers crypto news and not charts so much

  26. I feel totally alone in the crypto world. Every time I chat about it about people look at me like I’m talking about aliens.

  27. Well, after pondering the video and reading many of the comments here, I have to say I’m leaning slightly toward the promotion/advertising camp. It is disappointing that they are not making the product better, but the jury is still out on whether funding awareness OVER development at this point is the wrong decision. Time will tell! Best Regards!

  28. Your obviously 🙄 not a Litecoin bag holder 👎 thumbs down from me Just look at the price Litecoin dosen’t care !!!

  29. I was nervous when last year one wallet moved 60 Percent of the supply

  30. Who needs a currency that takes over 2 minutes to settle a transaction ???
    BitCoin lightning is instant and free.
    All sh*tcoins go to zero.

  31. Actually surprised you're kinda believing this. I think Charlie Lee debunked it thoroughly but i didn't even need him to say a word. #disappointedinfudtv

  32. I had to subscribe after seeing this video!

  33. LTC is piss, halving hype, Lee pumped and sold at highs, China loves a good scam


  35. My only disappointment with Litecoin is the failed launch of Litepay, other than that Litecoin is my #1 over any other cryptocurrency including Bitcoin.

  36. Whats the difference between Charlie and Satoshi? At least Charlie is here and sold his ltc stake. If satoshi does come back it would actually be BAD news as he can flood the market with a million Btc

  37. Adoption over dev is the only way to succeed.

  38. These are are the problems with centralized projects such as litecoin and every other altcoin.

  39. You hadn't been putting out much good content recently and I was thinking of unsubscribing but didn't pull the trigger mostly out of loyalty. George (cryptosrus) is a clown and a half tho. You aligning with him makes the decision easy.

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