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Guida per principianti di WoW classica (Classi, Livellamento, Professioni, ecc.)

C'è MOLTO da imparare in classico. Intendo MOLTO. A volte può essere un po 'travolgente essere spinti in questo strano nuovo mondo. Parliamo quindi di alcuni suggerimenti per rimetterti in piedi per diventare una delle tante avventure di Azeroth!

Timestamp: da
Perché classico? – 00:26
Creazione del personaggio – 1:10
Primi passi / Missione – 4:16
Città – 7:00
Talent Trees – 9:35
Sotterranei – 10:35


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  1. Hey everyone! Would just like to add there are RP-PVP servers as well. This was not announced when I created this video. RP-PVP severs are just RP servers…. with PVP.

  2. Exactly you said it about why ppl go back to classic because it's simply harder so why did they remove all those characters wod skins and animations and why did they remove the fact that you can switch between the 3 specs not only 2, these were nice improvements they shouldn't have reset all that to the old version

  3. Hello, i used to play the ''other'' WoW ( dont know what the community calls it ) but i always played a Dwarf Hunter. ( only because that allowed me to tame animals xD ) but i had the profession ''Archeology'' although i never understood what it did. i had it leveled up quik a bit but never saw the use for it.

  4. gnome at the end had me laughing hard

  5. lol I know this is an old video and I love your content, but track beasts isn’t the best comparison cuz it’s actually amazing for leveling

  6. So. Here i am at lvl9 leveled with a friend who played the game already and now he is offline. And i find myself dying all the time alone and I just hate the mechanic. You have to walk 5minutes back to your corpse just to die in 2 min again and walk 5 min again.First time I died I was like WTF do I have to do now. I think that should be mentioned in a video for beginner's

  7. Dont listen to this Alliance dog, for the horde!

  8. NO !!! I am am looking for information on how to get started playing Classic WOW if I am not already playing WOW. Ground zero. How do I get to play classic WoW if I do not already have the game? And yes, I have looked on the internet. It all ass u me s that I am a current WoW player.

  9. I am playing hunter alliance and i have bought every bow ( now 5) since level 12 i do every quest my level i am pretty sure i missed a quest or 2 on darnassus ( am night elf) and never ever ever get bows ( okay but the drops i get from mobs are white only and always downgrade) i have heard honestly no clue what i am doing wrong ( can't do dungeons cuz the low level zones are always short on players never a healer or a tank ) so i have to stick with questing and there i get 0 upgrades i am still wearing lvl 12 armor when i am 30 since the only way i get leather upgrades is buying or crafting

  10. Doesn't give reason why you should roll the inferior faction lol.

  11. Wow an Alliance lover. I spit on this video.

  12. FOR THE HORDE!!!! Kill every last one of the alliance scum!

  13. Gotta love that bias of "Pick the Alliance" lmao… thats the PVP spirit. Now with that said, HORDE IS LEGIT!!!! Also, Shamans can Off-tank pretty well, so as he explained more on Paladin then Shaman, it does a disservice to the Shaman.

  14. Also, re: 6:35 ("make sure you're replacing your abilities on your action bar" part), there is a way to make it basically happen automatically. Simply create a new macro and enter:

    #showtooltip spellName
    /cast spellName

    Replace "spellName" with the spell/ability you want to use WITHOUT specifying a rank. That macro will always cast the highest rank currently learned (and show you its tooltip), so you will never forget to replace that ability when it gets a new rank.
    I also personally like to put /dismount before the /cast part, so that you automatically dismount when you try to use it, which can be genuinely life-saving on PvP servers and other dangerous environments.

    Super simple macros, but they can be super convenient when leveling. And of course, [mod:] can be used if you ever want to cast a downranked version.

  15. 4:14 well, now I need an addon that plays a rubber ducky sound every time something spawns. So thanks for that.

  16. Alliance is were all the noobs start, play horde if you want to win BGs

  17. AS a new player the hunt beasts ability helped me find mobs i wouldnt normally see through walls or hills, but im a noob

  18. So should i sell my conjured water or food as a mage?? Lol

  19. Why is every youtuber promoting alliance like its the new scuf. who paid you?

  20. Track beasts is only 10 copper and helps out a decent amount on certain quests

  21. Helpful video with chuckles. Thank you.

  22. damn bro. you a pearl in this thrascan

  23. Boooooo Allance stinks


  24. Auto run is important as well. As the zone are pretty big for the amount of content actually in the.

  25. Great guide, love the way you edited it

  26. Great videos! Laughed the whole time

  27. Seems mainly alliance players have youtube channels because yall are children and dont have day jobs. which is cool I guess

  28. Something about old games just feels nice

  29. Another classic tip to use. Horde is better than ally because why would you play the virgin paladin over the chad shaman

  30. Just started playing WoW when it came out a week or so ago. Went to do dead mines and my priest loses his shit and afks on the whole group because I "needed" a loot I thought I did. Nice!

  31. FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. This is crazy, I didn't know they made an entire game based around hearthstone cards!

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