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Ethereum Classic To The Moon!

Aggiornamento della rete Ethereum Classic (Hard Fork) Atlantis sul blocco 8.750.000 (circa metà settembre 2019).

Annuncio ETC Hard Fork –
ECIP 1054 –
ECIP 1049 –
Perché Ethereum Classic dovrebbe adottare Keccak256 per il suo algoritmo Proof of Work –

Usa Brave Browser e ricevi BAT gratis! –

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Riser migliori / più sicuri / affidabili:
Migliore scheda madre per l'estrazione mineraria IMO:
CPU consigliata necessaria:
RAM più sicura necessaria 4-8 GB:
Alimentatore preferito per il mining:

Il mio libro preferito – "Lo standard Bitcoin":

Email –
Invia le tue foto dell'impianto di perforazione mineraria a:

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  1. ETC my favorite for next 5 years!

  2. As of today Ethereum classic have reach above 9Usd

  3. I don't buy the asic reasoning lol. Alex has an agenda

  4. I tried sending my coins to coinbase and it took almost 24 hrs for coinbase to release my coins pissed me off they wanted 5600 confirmations

  5. don't buy the pump most of eth classic was hacked and is being circulated by the hackers. Also its recently suffered 51% attacks and not a single person seemed to care.

  6. Hey Panda!
    I saw you earlier in a video talking a little about the custom windows 10 version with alll updates and stuff disabled.

    Do you have a torrent or mega link or something for the custom version?

  7. Been HODLing ETC for 16 months now. Can't wait for the upgrade, goodbye ASICS!

  8. claymore is gonna incorporate the "amd mining pill" thing soon!!
    yay!!! 🙂
    its on bitcointalk. claymore himself said it.
    it PROBABLY wont improve an already bios-modded amd card – but lets see

  9. I got to have a stiff drink after listening to all this Red Panda, phh too much for my old brain man, thanks for bringing it to us though. Lets hope this does not happen .

  10. Nahvidia?!?! Ahhhh!!!! (bangs head against wall 3 times)

  11. E.Classic please go to Moon.
    Don`t make us hodlers cry.
    Green alien says we`re goin` back to $3.8 but when the summertime ends your price might flyyyy toooo the Moon.
    Fly to the Moon
    We are long term bullish
    Tra la la la la la
    That`s why we keep mining
    La la la la la la
    While crypto stars are shining :o)

  12. Yeah I was trying to send some etc to coin base pro and they had a requirement of 5700 confirmations. This took about 24 hrs, so I missed the pump…. 5700 is a crazy number

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