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DavinciJ15: Bitcoin Price & When Altcoins PUMP !?

DavinciJ15: Bitcoin Price & When Altcoins PUMP !?

Oggi controlleremo il prezzo dei Bitcoin solo rapidamente e approfondiremo la sezione Altcoin! Quando sono dovuti anche a PUMP?

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Bitcoin esplode ancora di più! Quando finirà? Quando gli Altcoin stanno per SOAR?

Allacciate le cinture, ragazzi!

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  1. ALTCOIN Season ahead? Yes/No❓ Leave your favorite Altcoin 🤝

  2. excellent content. first time catching an mmcrypto show…thx for these…

  3. Brian Beamish is not only a monster trader he is also the best teacher you can get. Happy to be in his course.

  4. VECHAIN (VET) got the most potential for serieus growth!

  5. Divinci called a 3 year bear market, who is still listening to this guy.

  6. Who wants to spend 5 minutes of their precious time? 1. You need to click on the link. 2 Insert your email in the window. 3 in your mail, click on the confirmation 4. get 101 HXRO crypto-coin for which you can play … The coin is already being traded on exchanges at the price of 1000 sato

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  7. Like your shows especially, the guests you have: Very educative. Keep on doing the good work! ( Donated 10 BAT 😉 )

  8. Please review NEO and Ontology.

  9. Why the emphasis on need to end the show within 1 hr? If the content and conversation is engaging, let it roll!!! I have watched plenty of 2hr videos.

  10. Swimming helps to heal also. Davinci, can you show us how Pandora connects to the Exchange/s. Is it Pandora's Bittrex account or do we have to connect it to our own exchange account? Thanks for your knowledge. I always learn from listening to you.

  11. Correction will be at 13.5k, check the fib level well and you will see.

  12. 1 word…FIDELITY.this is the moonshot.noone is selling right now…

  13. For F's sake Chris LOSE the habit of interrupting a guest specially when he's touching on important thoughts!! I find it disrespectful to be honest!

  14. The bull market is a state of mind.If bitcoin hits 8 grand by the end of this week you will see the majority of the crypto community come off the bench money will flow back into crypto.

  15. Was around in 2017 and Not listening to bullshit this time. If BTC hits 15k take profits.

  16. Wow, these videos don't age well…. sheesh!

  17. Hopping a new analysis from both of u today

  18. Bitcoin don't like TA , already 7500 🙂 might be a pullback soon but who knows.

  19. Are you serious ? Just get over it, alts and Btc will never come back. You missed out buddy with that "Pull back".

  20. are we having an update today @MMCrypto ?

  21. Thank you for the info. Good work.

  22. Hi
    Thanks for this great informational session👍🏻🙏
    Chris be patient when others talk 😂😂
    Just kidding great team great content and always enjoy watching your Videos👍🏻

  23. 8:14 Chris, were you joking that selling above $7K would result in a profit? That’s what I got /thought. PS hi 👋 j15 congrats no smoking, get well healing leg, and keep your mind /beliefs strong .

  24. If you bought btc at $6.5k last year and held it all these time, would you sell now?

  25. Waltonchain. Is thier RFID tech worth anything ?

  26. iost for the win….!! Most scalable, decentralized and fastest virtual machine, easy secure coding with java script…

  27. Please get Brian again! 🙂

  28. LMAO. I remember 2 weeks da vinci said if btc gores to 6500 it will kill the us dollar.

  29. and once again, you can throw it to a bin, btc $7200 right now…

  30. Where are you links to you LiteCoin and Etherium charts? Can’t see them in your Telegram channel?

  31. did you consider that binance must buy back the 7000 coins they lost

  32. Frag mal Davinci bitte nach ob es noch gut ist jetzt Einzusteigen wenn man die 3K-5K verpasst hat ?

  33. Dear both, thank you very much for your videos! As you have a quite strong and researched view on ETH, would you have a view on the “Chinese Ethereum” NEO and it’s gas? All the best, P

  34. there is a company on AIM market in the UK that mines bitcoins..its share price at all time low at 0.42p..its name is Clear Leisure the ticker is CLP..on monday the price will rocket but if you are quick at 8am you should get in at a good price…………….

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