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BITCOIN Pronto per MASSIVE REBOUND !? 🚀 ORSI Dì $ 3k possibili !? Altcoins vs SEC …

#Bitcoin sta testando il 200 DMA oggi! Chiuderemo finalmente una candela quotidiana sopra? Gli orsi richiedono $ 3k BTC possibili (perché dubito che ciò accada), gli investitori preferiscono $ BTC, SEC vs altcoin, notizie crittografiche e altro ancora!

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1:54 🚀 Iscriviti a LVL (NO commissioni di negoziazione 😱) 👉
3:12 Mercati 〽️
5:34 Bitcoin a $ 3k?
9:56 Fundstrat “Regola dei 10 giorni”
15:00 Cosa preferiresti possedere?
18:20 BlockONE (EOS) vs SEC:
19:04 Binance verrà chiuso?
20:44 Nuove leggi del Wyoming perfette per criptovalute:

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DISCLAIMER: non sono un consulente finanziario. Questo non è un consiglio finanziario. Questa è solo la mia opinione. Fai sempre le tue ricerche prima di investire. Non sono responsabile delle tue operazioni …

BITCOIN BOUNCE !? LIVELLI chiave per LUNGO PERFETTO !! Attento! ORSI Ancora sotto controllo ?!

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  1. 🚀 Join LVL (NO trading fees 😱) 👉
    🔶 Join ByBit Exchange 👉
    📺 ByBit Tutorial:

  2. If something is not likely it means its likely 🙂
    Ledger me please

  3. they say "doom & gloom"… we say "room to bloom!"

  4. Thanks for the great content. I would love a ledger.

  5. Is bybit banned in new Mexico or USA

  6. Thanks for the daily crypto updates! Cheers! 🚀

  7. Great content! I watch your videos everyday. Cheers from the Philippines! 🇵🇭

  8. 5k lowest . on the bull side much more potential to go 2x to 16k

  9. Great video kdub. I look forward to them every day.

  10. Either way down is a buying opportunity. When it was 20k or 14k, and the smart people were telling us we're mooning- as they took profits, everyone was like ah I wish I bought more when it was cheaper. When its 14k again or 20k those same ones will be saying the same thing as they buy at the top.. again.. and the smart ones having taken profits will start spreading their fud.. again. Round we go again.
    Buy when people are scared and sell when people are happy. It's that little thing most can't get our heads around.

  11. Can't wait for the moon! Sending you my address btw!

  12. To every crypto enthusiast, traders, and investors alike, remember not to panic. The world has not seen an asset like bitcoin and may not even see it again in the near future. The thing to remember is that all it takes for a trend reversal is one large green daily candle. We are so privileged to be in on this early enough even though some may feel it’s a late entry. As for all crypto related assistance, trade patterns and signals, Sydney Desmond has been the man a lot of people seek out and his system has been of immense benefit to me having helped me make 5 etc in the last 2 weeks with his easy to use trade signals. I am so appreciative of him and cannot help but let others know about him. He can be reached on desmondsydney634@gmailcom or WhatsApp/Telegram ((+44 7723506502)) for any crypto related inquiries.

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  14. Dips & rises im playing long game so hopes it keeps moving up

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  18. need that Ledger Nano S and love the info

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  20. I’d be happy with 3k – after living through the 2018 best market I feel bullet proof

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  22. Great content K-DUB. Thanks for the Nano

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