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Bitcoin MASSIVE Move ?! Non crederai a chi sta effettivamente estraendo $ BTC !!! $ 100k 🚀 Elrond $ ERD AMA

#Bitcoin sta per fare una mossa enorme? Non crederai a chi sta effettivamente estraendo $ BTC! 30% di pullback analizzati, target da $ 100k, volume CME, Square per assumere ingegneri crittografici, donazioni presidenziali in criptovaluta, intervista a Elrond, notizie crittografiche e altro ancora!

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Credito introduttivo:

0:20 Mercati 〽️
5:31 Bitcoin pullback del 30%:
6:55 Pazzi per non comprare BTC:
7:38 BTC a $ 100.000:
11:31 Quanto velocemente si muove BTC:
12:47 Bitcoin supera gli stock:
14:30 blocco di genesi Bitcoin;
16:00 CME volume più alto:
17:00 Ingegneri blockchain quadrati:
17:20 Indovina chi sta estraendo BTC?!?
19:14 Tone Says vs Roger Ver:
21:29 Donazioni crittografiche presidenziali:
23:23 Intervista a Elrond:

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DISCLAIMER: non sono un consulente finanziario. Questo non è un consiglio finanziario. Questa è solo la mia opinione. Questo video contiene un'intervista sponsorizzata progettata per educare e informare sempre. In nessun modo suggerisce o perdona l'acquisto di $ ERD ora o in futuro. Fai sempre le tue ricerche prima di investire. Non sono responsabile delle tue operazioni. Compensazione: 12 ETH

BITCOIN non lo ha mai fatto in oltre un ANNO !!! Altcoins RISCALDAMENTO ?! BCH 51% di attacco

Guarda di nuovo questo video perché è fantastico:

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  1. i appreciate the effort of Mr Patrick Brown in bitcoin mining. for the past few months, it’s been very fruitful

  2. Great interview. Ledger or any size shirt

  3. Was bj oping for a weekend surge once again. Xrp for the win

  4. Favorite crytpo channel! Best way to spend a coffee break.

  5. really convince that bitcoin is going somewhere can’t wait a couple months for a huge spike

  6. Like your videos although you are a bit too emotional about btc! And it was lovely surprise when you interviewed Elrond founder! I follow this project and I am very confident that their blockchain will overtake many others who claim themselves as sharding leaders!

  7. The Cryptocurrency is the future for sure. Has we've start having lots of cryptocurrency even having more productive and performance than bitcoin which VEIL is part of. VEIL can also be mine using both Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work. This is reliable, easy and more profitable than mining bitcoin. You must definitely take some time to read more about VEIL.

  8. Wonder if I can put my theta fuel on the nano….

  9. the news is really getting crazy these days. You do a great job for the whole community man. love it

  10. Really appreciate Your content! Keep doing The good work! 👍🏾

  11. Nice video sir
    Tаke frеe bitcоins.
    Clicк on mу chаnnel

  12. Once we hit 10k we will go straight up without seeing prices under 10k ever again

  13. Looks like you're predicted the move to the top with the eastern world weaking up.

    You where right!!
    Good guest

  14. Couple billion in tether being printed everyone loses their mind. The entire world economy propped up by debt propped up by shitty printed fiat no big deal

  15. When the sun has set , no candle can replace it !

  16. Bitcoin – is – the – future !! – LOVE IT

  17. Love the show! Love BTC! Check out XRC Bitcoin Rhodium! Hope I win a ledger!

  18. BTC triggers my bell. Yay ! it is not too late for Nano please?

  19. Everybody seems to just want the nano

  20. Thanks for another good video. Is nice to see some of the tech explained when presenting new projects. Also, in regards to Tone and Roger's bet, without any bias toward either individual, I think they should just agree to void it because of the outside influence. I agree with your view in that Tone himself did not cheat (unless he colluded…LOL…maybe we can waste millions and years of time investigating…Ha ha.) However, because it is very unlikely that the transaction would have happened without the "assistance", and would not for the average guy, it should not be considered a fair evaluation for the outcome.

  21. Great intro. B!tches in the future! LOL

  22. Happy Sunday kdub. I could use that ledger nano s!

  23. Just heard that AT&T will start accepting bitcoin for phone bills payment, I think this will set the president, hoping for bull run

  24. Wow Sunday night! My notification on coinbase went off and I about hit the floor! Boy was there a move!

  25. Another awesome vid mate… intros crack me up

  26. big big pump on sunday!! thanks for the video, Zombie.

  27. Thanks for great content. I been just holding and building up my crypto for a long time and I dont plan to sell anytime in the near future.

  28. Which price-range do you think Bitcoin will be trading in this week?
    – Above $10k
    – Between $9k – $10k
    – Between $7k – $9K
    – Below $7k
    Let me know about your opinion in the comment. Or you can also follow the original tweet-> @t .

  29. people are scared of BTC because of brainwashing. crypto 2 scary!!!

  30. I don't want a Lambo or a damn mansion, just a Ledger Nano X….. 🙂

  31. Great content as always ! thank you so much

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