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Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum – Aggiornamento del mercato – Dove sta andando il prezzo?

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Aggiornamento di mercato giornaliero di Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum

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  1. Awesome TA…. Sorry but no footsie rolls in Australia 😂. Thanks again keep up the great informative work 👍

  2. Charlie Lee this morning said we’re still in the bear market. We haven’t exited it from 2018 yet, not until we see 2017 highs

  3. Can we get a Gandalf at 7,500 😂

  4. Great TA. Even better personality. Thanks for the video!

  5. Lmao great TA! I thought I was the only one who would remember such an obscure pop culture reference. Good stuff!

  6. Lick, lick, crunch… it takes two licks to get to the center 😁

  7. Thank you Jim, you have created a great channel, It is hard to find a Crypto channel without profanity, again I say thank you, I remember LOL.

  8. Jim,! I joined your patreon group, now how to get your special instructions on trading.
    I love your TA & trust your opinion. I believe in Crypto no one is even 75% correct. But still we can make money as long as we follow one instructor, guide our mentor. And you are my mentor for the next year's a head. Please, email me if I have to do anything for better understanding your trade. Thanks, love you.

  9. Jim of all trades is the BEST. This one and Chart Guys are the one for real time Crypto TA. Thanks

  10. Jim, I enjoy the videos and Elliot Wave is fascinating to me. I use a more simplified macro approach but the depth you go into is pretty amazing and interesting. I use a different strategy but I enjoy your videos and I like to learn and analyze the market to see if it could help me in my investing.
    I’m not ready to change my strategy but I like to look at all theories and indicators to see a likely scenario.
    I enjoy your approach to helping people and your hustle to provide for your family and your future.
    I happen to also be a Christian and look forward to the video you do with your wife on balancing family with investing/trading. I think it will be a meaningful and learning opportunity for everyone.
    Keep up the Hustle and may God Bless you for seeking first the Kingdom. 🙏

  11. I miss that tootsie pop crunching deviant.

  12. Thank you for the great TA as always…You are wonderful…

  13. Awesome Jim !… Respect !… Thanks !…

  14. Great solid video…I watched till the end

  15. Xrp is recovering almost half of the yesterday's big drop, i was expecting that analisys 😪

  16. This is the kind of information that we dont get from the other Ytubers – outstanding, Explanatory and simplified – have a great week and thanks for dropping the videos you drop! Hold on everybody – Dont worry about the price today or tomorrow – remember I have said a few times: Victory belongs to those who believe in it the most! Excuse me to also say, I am also happy I made good profits trading on some XRP and BTC too, Mr frank cole gives the best strategies and signals always. you can reach him via TELEGRAM franktrading99
    thank me later..

  17. Thanks for stopping me from fomoing in at 10,000

  18. Come on YouTube analytics send this guy up!

  19. hi Jim, thanks for all the great content. I was checking with Poiszn on twitter and apparently a WXY in an W and Y is not possible, only in an X. I could be wrong 🙂

  20. Random comment to boost visibility of the vid

  21. thanks for give ur time 😉

  22. made it to the end…….got the potential LTC target………..but a lot is "up in the air". Played the commercials. U R ….MONETIZED.

  23. Could your Y be the first W Of the WXYZ on ETH?

  24. I made it. You are a gentleman and a scholar my friend.

  25. awesome thanks Jim! what an epic day we had yesterday 🌊

  26. I appreciate all your work Jim! Thank you thank you señor🙌👌

  27. ETH looks like a WXYZ with the low of $158 being the bottom of the B wave of Y.

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