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Bitcoin è in PERICOLO? – Perché non sono preoccupato

Bitcoin si aggrappa a $ 10k e molti temono il peggio. Bitcoin è in pericolo? Discutiamo e condivido perché non sono preoccupato.

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  1. The good thing about LTC is it's marketing program which is important. Don't write it off yet.

  2. Great video. I agree way too much panic from a random tweet from trump of all things.

  3. When I saw the "Don't be Like Tom" pic, I thought it was a 1000 typo. Then I realized it was from 2011!! ROFL, made my day! We are almost 1000X since, let's be patient. I am with you. I am bullish and patient. Take care. Keep up the good work. Sub'd and thumbs up.

  4. Probably we will see 8k again. But in comparison with the uptrend we saw in 2019, it's all just a pull back

  5. There should be a game called FIFA Bull Run Cup and see which Crypto makes the most gains

  6. If you haven't heard about Deeponion it is one of the most exciting privacy coins in the crypto space today. It uses the #TOR protocol to provide users with anonymous online transactions and keeps information secured and safe. Your personal information should be valued and respected without having to be compromised.

  7. now this is some hard shit 😀 hilarious. great entertainment still. "it's easier to move the price at weekends" hahahahah

  8. Ok so you’re not worried but should you be? How easy was that for the whale to dump? What’s stopping them from doing this at a load of different levels and not giving us a chance to profit?
    Genuine question.

    Although I’ve definitely taken emotions out of the game now, no panic no fear no greed. People need to chill

  9. Bitcoin is a great buy now. Thank you Donald Trump!

  10. wick to 8500-8800 shake out…. quick bounce above 10k then move up to ATH!

  11. Bitcoin and Łitecoin reward halving ‘supply shock’ coming down the track..🎢..🌤

  12. Thanks for pointing out NRG in one of your last videos! I have had Brilliant ROI.

  13. I love Kucoin!
    they are my favourite. Also use coss but I consider Kucoin mature.

  14. I have been watching George for nearly 2 years now. He is always positive. When the crash happened in early 2018 he was positive. When Alts went to big lows in late 2018 he was positive. When BTC went to $3k early this year he was positive. Keep it up George 😎

  15. The more big money comes in the more they can take out

  16. I think the people are not panicking because of bitcoin, they are panicking because the Altcoins are getting rekt!

  17. Buying more BTC at these lower prices,,,,,buy, buy, buy

  18. youtubers looking at youtubers listen if you have 5000 in the bank and you wake up and there is 4000 you panic just like people in crypto so its not a straince thing…. people are guessing thats all it is could be, whill be should be ….

  19. do you know mt. gox is still selling?

  20. I’d like an analysis of what volume is needed to minimize manipulation by whales. IE: Whales doing whalish things!

  21. whats worrying is the bank not letting me use my money!

  22. Maybe the price is being deliberately squashed to get the price low for this on-ramping with Bakkt as of the 22nd July (a week away)? Maybe they want cheap prices for their new institutional clients to be able to buy in at?

  23. Thanks for your sensible calm explanations great streams 👍😎

  24. Opportunities to buy more btc. Be greedy when others are fearful!

  25. Yes btc will go to $20,000 and More but in 2020, for now btc will go to $3,000 or so and the alt coins take over for the rest of the year…just watch and see it's already starting with some alt coins now…

  26. If btc dips below 8k this week you should definetly be worried.

  27. The big players will pump and dump to a level were they can always come back to the Honey pot anytime they want thanks to all the fools… I could keep going but il be blocked or followed around 🤦🏼‍♂️day trading better and safer, learn how!

  28. No need to panic, only those with trash coins like XRP and such should panic, BTC is an ideology, it will always be the king.

  29. What about the 22000 us that it was dec of 2017.

  30. sorry I had to yell at idiots attacking you.
    I deleted my rated R comments mostly lol.
    Its only a 10% drop! jeez… I actually dug up some cash and bought more today! Every little bit helps.

  31. People need to quit stalking hourly, daily and even weekly charts. Checkout the +$2000 gain (+20%) from last month!

    BTC’s gains compared to any other asset class whether it be stocks, real estate and gold is not even in the same class. People look at the short term and freakout. They sell, short and then fail during these critical moments whereas the wealthy and institutional investors are unaffected and make even bigger gains. Wish people would learn from the past instead of let their fears and emotions get the best of them.

  32. This is simply Weekly consolidation

  33. One big bull trap like I said. will keep going down the rest of the year until below $3k..

  34. the butt hurt is palpable on this one. LOLz

  35. You said it will never go under 10,000

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