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BITCOIN BOUNCE Probabile se questo accade !!! | Enorme posizione di margine lungo in bybit ?!

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Analisi tecnica Bitcoin e notizie Bitcoin oggi: farò un enorme commercio di leva Bitcoin su Bybit? Ti mostrerò esattamente cosa sto aspettando prima che vada a lungo sullo scambio di Bybit. Inoltre, userò l'analisi tecnica sul prezzo Bitcoin per fare una previsione del prezzo Bitcoin. Guarda il video per saperne di più!

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Carl Eric Martin.

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  2. Fluctuation in bitcoin doesn't affect my weekly profit with George jorkins Trading

  3. What about the 200 weekly average? As long as we stay above that we are ok.

  4. Hi Carl! What Do you think about the change of trend in altcoins? They arent sold of that hard when btc is falling anymore. Many have actually increased in value the last weeks. So a trend shift there I believe.
    And what do you think of DOCK coin.?
    $DOCK can get weekly candle over weekly trend line tonight. Must be over 0,00000159. The 200MA is at that exact line also. It’s gonna be interesting. Specially with the pumps that can be in $DOCK

  5. I appreciate you. But choose your words.

  6. Statistics is speaking??? It s a joke??? It happens twice and it become a rule???
    Did you go to school?

  7. I think I’m the only person that hasn’t considered this a bull market. 3:45 Carl it doesn’t mean we will be entering a Bear Market it will mean we will be continuing the bear market that we never completed. 6.3k CME Futures Gap must be filled with a daily body candle lol. Look I really hate to see BTC go through this but I don’t think you guys truly understand technical analysis from a macro stand point. The weekly stochastic rsi suggests that we will more then likely break the previous floor lol I’m a noob and I see this clearly in the charts. On a bulllish note we may get a 100% bounce from where ever BTC temporarily bottoms. 1k BTC is still a possibility. Napolean M. Trade safe guys 😁

  8. who else got fucked by the wick that broke the ema ribbon

  9. Bybit appears not to want to enroll us Americanos? What exchange can I use that will allow us to short BTC?

  10. Bear market at the same time as a halving coming up? Doesn't add up

  11. Hi Carl
    Thank you once again for your BRILLIANT daily vids.. Watch every day with interest.
    Also your sharing of high probability trades is fantastic, a big help for those not so experienced in trading.
    Please keep up your GREAT vids
    Cheers 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

  12. Even though the bitcoin price dipped below the 200 ema that is not enough to indicate a bear market. It would have to stay under the 200 day for a lengthy period of time for it to mean anything. So far the bull market is still intact with no signs of a shift in trend.

  13. Carl look at the log scaled ema ribbons of Krypt, run it for BLX on log scale, you will see we are still very comfortably within the ribbons and the ribbons extend to 7500. And log ema ribbons are meaningful if you look at the whole history of BTC. Give me your thoughts.

  14. Good work. Regards from Crypto Asgard

  15. Great insights Carl, thank you! Paul Malta

  16. If it breaks lower, go into alts (ADA), not fiat or tether.

    Let's keep the energy in the system.

  17. We cannot compare Bitcoin with previous price actions after the institutional money came to the market. Now everything will be different and we can not talk by the statisticly because they have the power to change the market and they will. Btc will play in a narrow range for 3-4 months and then when they are ready they will pump the price, look at gold charts.

  18. Buy XDN Now ..Moon is coming ..1000% Coming

  19. S17e's off ready for shipping, S18 (a,y,u,o,p) or whatever Bitmain wants to call them now up and running

  20. Target for a long is the 61.8 and next cme gap= 7200$

  21. thanks Carl 😉
    You are always so clear. Helps us newbies so much, especially while we still wait to see…
    You're a great teacher. So appreciate your daily videos.

  22. moon went long on a new gucci shirt

  23. We are gonna be in a straight line until eoy

  24. The moon Cyberamp I hope so but let’s hope for it I’ll buy many bitcoins. Whole ones.

    Is there support at $5500 or will we start saying $3k when it hits $5500 support and possibly breaks.

    That’s why this is so u predictable. When we were at $10k everyone was saying buy at $8500. Then it hit $8500 and no one bought instead they freaked out and say $5500. At $5500 people will freak out and think $3k

  25. In the stock market anticipation of good news makes the price of a stock run-up just like bitcoin but when the news actually drops so does the stock I think that's what we're seeing here. The bakkt news is priced in already people got overexcited and now things go back to normal, in that regard I see much more downward price movement.

  26. Hi Carl, I just used your bybit referral link. I'm surprised how quick I got the 1st bonus!


  28. There is absolutely no reason for bitcoin to enter a bear market right now.

  29. What? If you turn over 100k you get 50 USD (lol) I bet 100k calls 50 USD peanuts. ROTFL

  30. Don’t think it’s going to bounce up big, it’s struggling bad

  31. The 2 week MACD is about to go to sell cross?

  32. Definitely don't watch this retards video

  33. how is there not more trading around the 5800-6k area as it was support for 10months? Thanks.

  34. Hey Carl! When Moon?!? Need Lambo!!

  35. Some days I will give you back what you give me Whatapp 413 497 0877 he’s legit and honest

  36. Still remain your best all time what413 497 0877 he generate $2.5 btc to me he’s legit

  37. Still the best hacker he’s legit Whatapp 413 497 0877 to generate your bitcoin

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