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Accidenti: un tipo totalmente nuovo di Blockchain

David parla di Geeq. Puoi saperne di più su

Questo video è stato prodotto in collaborazione con e sottoscritto da Steemit e Geeq. Tutti gli spettatori dovrebbero fare le proprie ricerche e la dovuta diligenza. Questo video non costituisce una consulenza finanziaria e non deve essere interpretato come tale.

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  1. I've been studying the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space for years now and I have never heard of Geeq. In fact, they are not even listed on Coin Market Cap or any other the other Blockchain and Cryptocurrency tracking websites that list the hundreds of other Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies. There already exists other Blockchains that are solving all these problems you pointed out such as scalability and low transaction cost.

  2. what was the name of that product you sponsored which lets you auto-renew free trials without ever really paying for them? i cant find it for the life of me. Thanks!

  3. you should discuss about Stephen Schwarzman helping burn the amazon for profit

  4. He is not shilling the actual token or encouraging investment he is promoting the actual use of the product witch David said they are actually using in his own business. If blockchain technologies are to gain mass adoption then you would expect that the projects should be allowed to advertise there projects. The crypto community needs to move away from calling every single advert a schilling, who cares anyway, every time you see a commercial on tv guess what the show your watching is schilling some useless product that is how consumer based capitalism works it’s up to the consumer to educate themselves before they buy something at least David gave a thoughtful breakdown of why he likes the product.

  5. Seriously, is David the most greedy person on the internet? lol He's pretty close to Alex Jones, imo. Constant ads, creates twitch just so he can get donations, constantly shills the website and guilt trips people when they don't become a member. Jesus Christ, chill. I wouldn't be shocked if he started selling supplements lol

  6. Can you stop promoting these scams? look at the other comment here, they are all fake accounts with no content/likes/subscribers, If you persist I will start reporting your videos.

    Also you need to retract the lies you told about andy ngo.

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