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&200 & # 39; 000 Bitcoin DUMP dai portafogli SCAM Plus Token!? 🔴

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  1. SCAM ALERT: Cloud Token looks like a new Plus Token. Stay away from it

  2. biiiittttconneccccccctttt guy “that’s a scam”

  3. Thanks Sunny D for bringing this information to us. No other channel that I follow has reported on this!

  4. not your keys not your coins,, get yo shit off the exchanges

  5. I saw that 100 btc go last night on Binance, an today someone is dropping 10s 16s like an amateur chasing the price man !!! What your reckon dr decree

  6. Plus Token Ponzi scheme collapsed, next ponzi to fall will be Cloud Token.

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  8. Hi Sunny from Germany! First I want to say thank you, for your work and videos! Just one question (maybe I don't get it right). When those BTCs, worth 3 Billions Dolars, are realy lost why doesn't the price go up ? If the rules of "supply and demand" work, than we have less bitcoins and the price should rise – or not ?!

  9. Please Alert people again with and they busy scamming people on Instergram to join
    even myself i was scammed by them my 0.19265 Bitcoin

  10. Some alts are starting to boom now haha. Bitcoin is an alt coin too by the way. Bitcoin maxies are to blame too though by their bitcoin is the only coin nonsense. This has really weakened the entire market in my opinion. That was some fud if i have ever seen any.

  11. Vielen Dank Sunny, immer interessant

  12. I had always when i was watching YouTube , this PLUStoken advertising on YouTube!
    No wonder how 10mio people are scamed….

  13. GOLDEN RULE OF THUMB: There will never be a legit company that can offer a percentage return on Bitcoin for any reason. Loans will never get repaid because Bitcoin moves so fast. The profit margin of mining is very small, so nobody can afford to share "the profit." Margin trading works great until one day it doesn't. 90% of traders lose BTC. 10% haven't lost their BTC yet! BTC is a SOV–that's the killer Dapp!

  14. how stupid are people? bitconnect already happened and people still fall for crap like this. they deserve to lose all their money.

  15. They say the big boss is still out there

  16. People who got scammed actually they deserved it ..after all these bitconnect BS , how can someone fall for this ??

  17. I guess opticalart waa right sunny deceee

  18. There is another big scam wallet out there! Ixwallet. Please guys stay far away from it. A college at work was trying to talk me in to that and I hope I have done enough to prove him that it's a scam… Otherwise he will learn it the hard way…

  19. guys, this is really f$king nuts. lmao. Sunny, you slay me

  20. Two things: 1) OK, so if they did dump it, what if they now start to re-buy it all in one traunch? PLUS Fear & Greed index = BAM! masssive short squeeze. 2) If guess the 6 arrested, who are now in jail, can't be in same individuals who are selling. Then who are the ones selling?

  21. Always buy when blood flows in the streets!

  22. Telegram: @cloudtokenchannelworld

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  24. How did this scam get so big but most of us have never even heard of it ?

  25. Sunny Decree, just one question: Has PLUS TOKEN migrating to CLOUD TOKEN?
    Someone posted this article to warn the public and many more on other reading platform as well.

  26. Americans are getting toxic because they can't short.

  27. good shit like this happen now and not at 200k 🙂

  28. We don't need regulation. Just don't be greedy, get rich slowly. Pigs get slaughtered right?

  29. Hey Sunny, why do you have those two descending trend lines on your chart for so long unless you were expecting the daily action to bounce between those lines downwards?

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