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💡URGENT: Bitcoin HODLers sarà presto RICCO sporco! 💡

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  1. Once again sunny is reaching like Carl from the moon 🌚

  2. You guys don't think I understand the stock market and the state market.
    If Bitcoin has 80 percent, the state controls the whole market!
    Large companies invest in Bitcoin and own the state.
    And freedom of the Altcoins'; projects, what you want to improve, is over. point Ihr versteht glaube ich den Börsen und Staat markt nicht.
    Wenn Bitcoin 80 Prozent hat,kontroliert der Staat den ganzen Markt!
    Großfirmen Investieren in Bitcoin und gehören den Staat.
    Und Freiheit der Projekte der Altcoins,was Sie verbessern möchten,ist vorbei. Punkt

  3. Slow it down, slow it down. We’re here for financial security, not the lambo, not filthy rich. Watch 10 million dollar Bitcoin, of 21 million club.

  4. Impressive stance on the the world's money and storage supply. Earlier before watching this video I am thinking $ 11,780 bitcoin seems expensive enough to slow the growth of BTC beyond $14,000 plus. Good content as usual @sunny decree. Bit coiners please emphasize the power of 100,000,000 satoshi . Today 10,000 to 100,000,000 satoshi is in terms of price $1.18 or $11,783.00 respectively today. Of course the in between values to ponder are $117 and $1,177 for 1million to 10 million satoshi. Or 105 euro for 1,000,000 satoshis. thats whatz uuup.

  5. bro why you copied RooshV's return of kings podcast intro

  6. this is also because bitcoin is one of the last way for chinese and HK people to move their assets out of China as the currency devaluates.

  7. I saw the bitcoin chart back in December. I mentally took the chart and predicted a recurring pattern of the ATH doubling every time.
    So far so good.

  8. Your way late jumping on the boat……….

  9. Sunny komm bald wieder, bald wieder zurück!

  10. so you are telling me you will sell your bitcoin when USD will have no value in the next global economic collapse ??? ……

  11. I totally believe your moving the pen with your mind I don’t believe your blowing on it to move

  12. If the serious recession happens shouldn’t we just hold cash for now and once the crash happens buy up everything super cheap?

  13. that last chart…. O M G… to think where BTC and crypto could go

  14. Sunny, the guy who u called a scammer back in a day (bitcoin-fund-manager) was talking about if a looooong time ago 😜. And he covered The Whole Yuan/BTC correlation in GREAT DETAIL. He was also the only dude that was talking about $10k BTC in the summer when it was traded under $4k… just saying. And u know damn well how much I love ur content brotha 😉

  15. You should be checking O'leary liar lol hahaa

  16. Only the crypto gurus and the moon boys take Bitcoin seriously right now. lol Do you really think the Big Money will allow the morons to get rich by buying the dips? lol The crypto space is made of 99% of morons. So the answer is clear. And you are going to capitulate for a second time before the recession in the next 5 years lol! Sunny REKTY! 🙂 You will have to make more videos for the noobs haha!

  17. Why does it matter how big is debt if we aren even close to default on in?

  18. @sunnydecree Sorry if i missed it but to get the "Gold, TVC" and "usdcny, IDC" all separately together on the same tab do you need a Tabview Pro+ or Premium subscription?

  19. Common forex pairs, growth stocks, dividend stocks, and cannabis industry emerging market stocks covered daily here Practice following along with Deived. That’s what I’ve been doing.

  20. Hi Sunny,wieso kommt kein video auf deutsch…
    Mein englisch İst littlebid…

  21. Nobody knows how Bitcoin will perform during a recession.

  22. bitcoin price end of 2020 is more than 1 milion dollar .. thats not joke …you will see

  23. Sunny, was geht mit deinem deutschen Kanal? Keine neuen Videos, alles gelöscht?

  24. USE THIS LINK and get 12 euros + free shipping for ordering the standard card on Revolut,!G10D21

  25. Lot of echo in ur new set-up my Master. Have a nice session

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